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It all started in 1906, when Hondas founder Soichiro Honda, was born with a passion for automobiles and went on to work as a mechanic at the Art Shokai garage, where he was able to tune cars with the intention of entering them into races with him behind the wheel. After founding his Honda company in the 40s, Honda began making motorcycles by 1949 and became the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer by 1964. It did not take that long for Honda to make a name for themselves in the racing scene however; Honda motorbikes were being entered into races by 1959 and their first automobile was entered into the Formula One in 1964, little over a year since they had produced their first ever automobile.

Since the early years Honda have continued to play a prominent role in vehicle racing, both cars and motorbikes alike.

This early success in motor sport allowed the company to grow into an international producer of commercial cars and motorbikes. Today Honda vehicles are some of the most popular new and used cars produced in the world. You can find more information online about the models Honda currently produces.

Some of the most recent successes include the Honda Jazz, the Honda CRV, the Honda Insight and the Honda CRZ.

However these vehicles cannot compare to the global phenomenons we know as the Accord and the Civic. These are the best selling used Honda motor cars of all time and you will see an abundance of them on roads around the world.


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